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Building the "Preschool to Promise Pipeline"

As a community, we’ve become more and more aware of the “school to prison pipeline”, an overemphasis on pushing kids out of the schooling system and into the juvenile justice and adult criminal justice system. The school to prison pipeline strips away the promise of a bright future. The Preschool to Promise Pipeline, though, equips families with tools to help strengthen their children’s intellectual ability right at home.  We are building communities of hope and promise. We choose to sow into our children at young ages and we are confident in the promise of a thriving and prosperous future.  Join us!


Workshop feedback: 


What was the best part of the session for you? 


"EVERYTHING!!!! It was very informative and I appreciate and desire all of the information that I was given."


“All of the information! This is all things I didn’t know and I’m so thankful to have you as a resource. I also enjoyed the exercises I can do at home.”

“The interaction and knowledge!!! This was amazing and I feel so empowered with the information I’ve received.”  



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