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Welcome to sowgifted.com! I'm Porsche Chisley, Owner of Chisley Consulting Group, LLC. Thank you for engaging with Chisley Consulting online.


After working professionally in education for nearly a decade, something internally felt compelled to serve as an educational leader. I desired to become increasingly VOCAL about the happenings in the world of education and what better way to reach the masses than the internet? The mission of Chisley Consulting Group, LLC. and the Sow Gifted blog is to engage, empower, and encourage parents and communities to sow into the intellect of children. Being able to share information and resources on an easy-to-use platform for parents, community members, and stakeholders invested in serving children has been one of the most rewarding professional experiences thus far. As a Mommy, Writer, Blogger, and Education Specialist, I hope to share helpful information and resources that will engage, empower, and encourage you to sow deeply into the lives of OUR children. For “all flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today.” – Indian Proverb


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Brief Bio: Porsche began her career in education as a Teach for America Corps member serving kindergarten students in St. Louis, Missouri. After completing the corps, she continued teaching at the middle school level in Central Ohio. Later, Porsche pursued educational leadership opportunities outside of the classroom and has since held multiple management roles centered around early learning advocacy, school improvement, turnaround and innovation, and data analytics.  Porsche has served on teacher-based and district leadership teams and led district turnaround efforts as a Director of Student Data. Her laser focus on equity and the use of evidence-based instructional practices resulted in gains on the Ohio Schools Report Card. In just  2-years time, Porsche's leadership improved the letter grade on the Progress Component from a "D" to a "B". Porsche currently works full-time as a School Improvement Director and serves as an independent contractor on the Ohio Department of Education's District Review Team. Porsche is an energetic speaker and training facilitator. Her energy has gained her a 100% training satisfaction rate and 100% of participants recommend her for facilitating future sessions.



TOGETHER, we can transform communities!


This work inspires me because our children are so bright, so influential, so talented, and so capable! I hope from this blog you too feel inspired to sow into the minds and hearts of children...everyday! Want to hear more? Contact me directly.


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