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Day 3: Find Your Song

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I love music – all kinds of music, but worship music is my absolute favorite. Music is inclusive. No matter where you’ve been, where you’ve come from, how you were raised, whether you’re rich or poor, black or white, young or old we connect through music. Music speaks to human life. It reminds us that no matter our differences, we share at least one thing in common: the human experience.

At some point in life, we all feel love. We certainly fall in love.

Music reminds us of our high school sweetheart, our first dance as a married couple, a lullaby we sang to our newborn babies or the melody playing when we surrendered to God and accepted salvation.

When we experience tragedy or injustice, certain songs render vivid reminders of the emotional and physical pain felt at the moment.

When we gain success and celebrate accomplishments, we have songs readily available on our playlist: “All I do is win, win, win no matter what” (DJ Khaled), “Who run the world? Girls!” (Beyoncé), the list goes on and on….

Music is the ultimate connector and singing songs of worship grants us fellowship with God.

“I will sing to the LORD as long as I live. I will praise my God to my last breath!” (Psalm 104:33 NLT)

When experiencing anxiety, one sure way to boost your mood AND your focus is to worship. Find your song! It’s hard to worry while you worship. Find songs that remind you of God’s ever-presence, his inability to fail and how much he loves you. Counter anxiousness with songs of praise.

One of my favorites right now is from Elevation Worship:

"You can do all things

You can do all things but fail

Cause you’ve never lost a battle

No you’ve never lost a battle

And I know, I know

You never will"

I love the song. It’s a reminder that no matter what’s going on in the world or in my personal life – God WON’T fail. He can do all things – BUT FAIL.

Soulwork: Find your song(s). Today, find at least 2 songs that remind you of God’s goodness toward you. Sing them. Sing to the Lord as long as you live, praise him until your last breath.

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