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Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

The coronavirus pandemic has granted many of us additional time at home and more intimate moments with our families. Since we're spending extra time with our children, we're afforded a perfect opportunity to take a deeper look at their gifts, talents and abilities. It's also a good time to begin questioning how we can enhance those gifts and abilities to further support their development.

I had an opportunity to interview Brionna "Bree" Pickens, owner of The Speech & Career Center in Columbus, Ohio. We dug into speech development, speech delays, and how we can advocate and support our children's language development.

Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?


Porsche Chisley is the Owner of Chisley Consulting Group, LLC. and the Sow Gifted Blog. Porsche specializes in School Improvement & Innovation and also enjoys talking all things related to God, parenting and equity and advocacy for children and families. Learn more about Porsche by subscribing to the Sow Gifted Blog and by following her on Facebook and Instagram.

Brionna "Bree" Pickens is the Owner of The Speech & Career Center located near Easton in Columbus, Ohio. She's a lover of God, wife and mommy. Bree is licensed by The Ohio Board of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology and holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence from The American Speech and Hearing Association. Learn more about Brionna by following her on Facebook and Instagram. Check out The Speech & Career Center here.

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