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Happy 2020! Year of Golden Repair

According to legend, a rehabbing technique known as Kintsugi (kint-soo-gee) began in Japan during the 15th century. Kintsugi translates loosely to mean "golden repair” because it was a practice of fixing broken porcelain or ceramic using gold. The origination story of kintsugi is beautiful in an ironic way.

You see, it started because of something broken. To many of us, a broken teacup would be something to get rid of or throw out. We wouldn’t think twice about keeping such an un-costly item because they’re easily assessable at stores like Walmart or Target for cheap. Historically though, in Japanese culture, a broken teacup would need to be fixed. But not just fixed, also aesthetically pleasing.

Instead of throwing the teacup (or other ceramic items) away, it would be mended with gold. This process made the ceramic even more beautiful and ornate. The cracks were no longer flaws, but an awe-inspiring piece of art.

It is not lost on me that for some of you, 2019 was a year of brokenness. It was a year of cracks and imperfections. Some of you may have experienced financial hardships. Maybe others experienced loss or a decline in physical health. My heart is with you.

There's good news within your burden. It’s a NEW YEAR and God can fix anything.

There’s something special about our cracks and imperfections and God wants to repair them with pure gold. You see, gold is precious. It’s the most flexible and adaptable metal and gold can withstand the heat.

I pray your 2020 is a kintsugi year. I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. May you find the beauty in imperfections and strength in brokenness.

Happy New Year from the Sow Gifted Family and CHEERS to a year of Golden Repair!

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